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Someone is after Amanda's portion of the fabled Methuselah's Stone. They'll do anything to get it too - even go so far as to take her head. Meanwhile, in the Watchers' European Headquarters where the rest of the stone is held, one Watcher in particular is taking an unhealthy interest in the stone and its history: his name? Adam Pierson.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95416-82
bulletOriginal US airdate: 22nd April, 1996
bulletWritten by: Michael O’Mahony & Sasha Reins
bulletDirected by: Adrian Paul
bulletGuest Cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Peter Wingfield (Methos), Anthony Hyde (Nathan Stern), Jamie Harris (Daniel Geiger), Nadia Cameron (Rebecca Horne); Patrick Serraf (Man), Guy Amram (Kelly)

bullet850, Paris
Amanda comes across the Methuselah's Stone for the first time while under the care and tutelage of her teacher, Rebecca Horne.
bullet853, Paris
Amanda flees back to Rebecca, pursued by another Immortal intent on taking her head.

Other Immortals
bulletRebecca Horne

bulletThis episode is a sequel to the second-season episode B19, 'Legacy'.
bulletNadia Cameron reprises her role as Rebecca Horne from the same episode.

A decent follow up to the original story, but not quite in the same league. Adrian Paul's directorial duties mean a lot of the action centres on Methos and Amanda, and at times he's reduced to little more than a cipher for the rest of the action. B+


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