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Danny Cimoli is a struggling magician until he gets hit by a truck and miraculously "survives". He soon uses his new-found Immortality to become a headline act at a circus currently in Paris. This act eventually attracts the attentions of Duncan and Amanda, but Danny has little time for the Game - even when Damon Case comes looking for his head...

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95417-83
bulletOriginal US airdate: 29th April, 1996
bulletWritten by: Sophie Decroisette (story), Scott Peters (teleplay)
bulletDirected by: Yves Lafaye
bulletGuest Cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Crispin Bonham Carter (Danny Cimoli), Simon Kunz (Damon Case); Louise Vincent (Lina Cimoli), Roger Lumont (Marco Mastina), Patrick Mille (Jean Philippe de LeFaye III), Stephane Boucher (Edward Bellamy), Veronique Baylaucq (Annie), TC Holmes (Immortal)

bullet1795, England
Damon Case takes the head of Duncan's precocious student, Philippe de LeFaye III.

Other Immortals
bulletDanny Cimoli
bulletDamon Case
bulletPhilippe de LeFaye III
bulletVrej Ratavoussian

bulletCrispin Bonham Carter is cousin to Helen, and has carved out a career for himself with recurring roles in Relic Hunter and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (the Cuban adventure).
bulletSimon Kunz was reunited with Bonham Carter, appearing in the same Auf Wiedersehen, Pet episode. He has plenty of British TV credits, most recently appearing in episodes of Midsomer Murders and Rosemary and Thyme.
bulletCimoli's first fight was filmed, but edited out of the final transmitted episode. It's included as part of the episode's extras on the season four DVD box set, which also gives his unknown adversary the name of Vrej Ratavoussian.

A great example of how Highlander could pull off self-contained stories. This little number is often overlooked, but manages to be both funny and moving at the same time. Duncan's involvement with Cimoli is neatly explained by the flashback, and the episode's resolution ties everything up neatly. A-


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